Air Conditioning Units – Economical

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Air Conditioning Units – Economical (ACUs) are specifically designed for re-circulating conditioned air through a variety of custom built product enclosures, or directly to products. ACUs are used where a standard test chamber cannot easily be fitted around the product.  Custom designed product enclosures can also be supplied, if required. Remote sensing ensures good thermal control of the test enclosure.

The Air Conditioning Units – Economical offer an economical answer for many applications and feature wide temperature and humidity control options, with remote sensing at the load, if required. Compressor cooling is used for –30⁰C (single-stage) and –60⁰C (cascade) models and liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling for the –80⁰C model.

The units are microprocessor controlled, with the option of our Touch Screen programmer to simplify the operator interface and enable complex profiles to be programmed, data logged, and displayed graphically. The Touch Screen programmer is standard on humidity models.


The standard interface to the custom enclosure is by means of flexible insulated hoses. An alternative Direct Connection arrangement is possible with some enclosures. The inlet and outlet vents are ported from the bottom of the ACU directly into the custom enclosure to give the maximum possible airflow and even better control.

Key Features

  • Economical thermal control of custom enclosures
  • Wide temperature ranges (+170 to -80°C)
  • Humidity option
  • Microprocessor control
  • Touch Programmer option
  • Remote sensing
  • Flexible insulated hoses, or Direct Connection option
  • Small footprint with integral plant
  • Modern styling


Model RangeUnitsOrder CodesT/SL-ACU/-30 ME T/SL-ACU/-60 ME TH/SL-ACU/-30 ME T/SL-ACU/-80 LN
Temperature (max) °C 170 170170170
Temperature (min) °C -30 -60-30-80
Humidity (20-90°C) %RH --10-95-
Air flow rate*Litres/min 18,000 18,000 18,000 18,000
Heating rate* °C/min 3335
Cooling rate* °C/min 2225
Plant type Single-stage Cascade Single-stage LN2
Mains supply 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz
External size mm (H x W x D)1230 x 815 x 1000 1230 x 815 x 1000 1230 x 815 x 1000 1230 x 815 x 1000
Insulated hoses (pair) 150 id x 3000 mm IH150
Hose adapters (pair) 150 id mm HA150
High temperature (250°C) HT
Touch Programmer upgrade ST inc
Product protection PP
RS485 RS485
Event relay for controller ER
Direct Connection Custom feature — contact us Custom feature — contact us Custom feature — contact us Custom feature — contact us