Air Conditioning Units – Heavy Duty

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Air Conditioning Units (ACUs) – Heavy Duty are specifically designed for re-circulating conditioned air through a variety of custom built product enclosures, or directly to products. ACUs are used where a standard test chamber cannot easily be fitted around the product. Custom designed product enclosures can also be supplied if required. These versatile Air Conditioning Units feature wide temperature and humidity control options, with remote sensing at the load if required. The systems are microprocessor controlled, with the option of our Touch Screen Programmer to simplify the operator interface and enable complex profiles to be programmed, data logged, and displayed graphically.


Key Features

  • Powerful thermal control of custom enclosures
  • Wide temperature range (+250 to –50°C)
  • Humidity options
  • Microprocessor control
  • Touch Screen programmer option
  • Remote sensing
  • Flexible, insulated hoses
  • Integral plant
  • Modern Styling


Model RangeUnitsOrder CodesT/ACU/-20T/ACU/-50TH/ACU/-20TH/ACU/-50
Temperature (max)°C180180180180
Temperature (min)°C-20-50-2050
Humidity (20-90°C)%RH--10-9510-95
Airflow rate*Litres/min25,00025,00025,00025,000
Heating rate*°C/min3333
Cooling rate*°C/min2222
Load mass (max)Kg30303030
Plant typeSingle-stageCascadeSingle-stageCascade
Mains supply400v/50Hz400v/50Hz400v/50Hz400v/50Hz
External sizemm (H x W x D)1200 x 940 x 13501200 x 940 x 13501200 x 940 x 13501200 x 940 x 1350
Water re-circulatorWR
Insulated hoses (pair)150 id x 3000 mmIH150
Hose adaptors (pair)150 id mmHA150
High temperature (250°C)HT
Programmer upgrade (cyclic)EPincinc
Product protectionPP
Touch programmerSTP
Event relay for controllerER

* Closed-loop configuration (custom enclosure and product load may reduce these figures)