Mechanically Cooled Temperature and Humidity test chambers are designed for general purpose laboratory and test applications where small chamber size is important, and product loading is relatively low. CFC-free compressor cooling is fitted as standard. Humidity conditions are controlled by means of a capacitive sensor for long term reliability and accurate operation over a wide range of conditions.  An innovative control system gives an extended temperature/humidity range.

Key Features

  • Compact design with modern styling
  • Touch Screen Programmer
  • 27 to 288 litre capacity
  • Wide temperature and humidity ranges
  • Capacitive humidity probe
  • Extensive range of options
  • Mechanical cooling
  • Reliable long term operation
  • Single phase mains power
  • Factory calibrated
ModelInternal Dimensions mm (W x D X H) Volume LExternal Dimensions mm (W x D X H)Temperature Range °C
300/ME/-40 300 x 300 x 30027560 x 765 x 1100-40 to 180
450/ME/-40 450 x 450 x 45090725 x 935 x 1225-40 to 180
450/ME/-70 450 x 450 x 450 90725 x 935 x 1225-70 to 180
600/800ME/-40 600 x 800 x 600288875 x 1285 x 1330-40 to 180
600/800ME/-70 600 x 800 x 600288875 x 1285 x 1330-70 to 180

All models:

Humidity range 10—98% RH, over the temperature range +10 to +100°C

Dewpoint range to +4°C continuously (–3°C dp intermittently, and –20°C dp with optional air drier; dependent on sealing and access frequency)

A capacitive humidity sensor is fitted as standard.