The range of Modular Walk-in Chambers provide a wide range of controlled temperature and humidity testing conditions. The designs represent the latest ‘state-of-the art’ in environmental technology, and incorporate a unique combination of advanced features together with proven reliability. The Modular Walk-in Chambers are of versatile modular construction allowing most customer requirements to be easily met. This form of construction has many advantages, such as:
✓ Freight costs for a modular room are much lower.
✓ They can be constructed on sites with limited access.
✓ The design of the insulated sections allow easy and accurate field assembly.
✓ Any installation can be easily extended with standard insulated sections.
✓ Most modular chambers can be dismantled and erected on an alternative site.
✓ The Walk-In Rooms can be assembled in a range of shapes, sizes and heights.

Key Features

  • Modern attractive styling
  • Small temperature spread – even when loaded
  • Humidity options
  • Touch Screen Programmer
  • Modular, robust construction
  • Comprehensive safety features
  • Suitable for testing to most standard specifications
  • Fully customisable, including:
    • choice of sizes
    • temperature and humidity ranges
    • product handling
    • product test and monitoring


  • Production testing of sub-assemblies and complete equipment
  • High volume testing
  • Steady-state “soak” testing
  • Temperature cycling
  • Climatic testing
  • Powered and un-powered products

Humidity Options

Our Walk-in Rooms are designed to accept a wide range of humidity control options to enable a variety of steady state and cyclic damp heat tests to be performed in addition to temperature cycling. Close control of temperature/humidity conditions is achieved by means our Touch Screen Programmer. An electronic capacitive humidity phumidity chartrobe is fitted as standard for high reliability and minimum maintenance.

Humidity generation requires a supply of de-ionised water, which may be automatically treated from a mains water supply. Chamber condensate is collected by the drainage system and normally run to waste to avoid contamination build-up; however a recirculation pump can be fitted if required.


The modular panels are securely clamped together using “Camlock” fasteners, and all internal joints are sealed to ensure a vapour tight construction. The chamber panels are fully insulated to ensure energy efficient operation. The inner chamber is fabricated from high
grade stainless steel for corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. The mild steel outer panels have an easy to clean finish.
A choice of single hinged and double hinged, or sliding doors is available. Powerful fans are used to ensure low thermal
gradients and uniform testing of products. The fan motors are mounted outside the chamber for maximum reliability. The refrigeration plant consists of a single stage or cascade system (depending on temperature range and performance), which is generously sized for long term reliability. Anti-vibration mounts and vibration eliminators minimise noise and vibration.

The condenser and compressors can also be installed remotely to minimize heat and noise within the test area. Comprehensive safety features are fitted to all chambers to ensure protection for the operator, test samples, and the system itself in the rare event of component failure. Only the highest quality materials and components are used for chamber construction and refrigeration gases conform to the latest International CFC Standards. The Touch Screen Programmer is fitted as standard. Touch Screen Programmer offers a user-friendly, touch-screen PC interface and a host of features that would normally be optional extras (such as temperature & humidity profiles, graphing and logging of data to file). All chambers are fully tested, inspected and calibrated prior to dispatch, with a Calibration Certificate available on request. Chambers are CE marked to show conformity to EEC Directives and supplied with a Declaration of Conformity. A comprehensive User Manual is included, and after -sales service support is available from our team of fully trained engineers.

Modular chamber arrangementModular walk-in chambers 2

Product Interfacing

Fixed modular shelving can be provided for efficient product support, and mobile shelving or trolleys for easy transportation between the chamber and other production processes. Customised mechanical and electrical interface jigs can be incorporated to reduce loading and unloading times. Electrical interfacing enables products to be powered up and monitored during the temperature testing, giving greater confidence that the products have operated correctly throughout the test process. Computer control of the overall system is available to enable easier test management, product tracking, and collation of test results.