Touch Screen Programmer

Now standard on most of our chambers!


The Touch Screen Programmer enables the temperature (and humidity where fitted) to be easily programmed and displayed on our test chambers. The touch-screen window gives a clear, user-friendly interface with a constantly updated display of the current set and actual values for temperature and humidity.   The standard 7” display can  be  upgraded  to  a  desktop  PC  size  if  required,  giving enhanced graphical capability. A Full Screen mode is also available.

Key Features

  • User friendly interface, Windows XPe based
  • QuikSet Temperature and Humidity entry
  • Clear, easy to read 7” display (upgradable)
  • Comprehensive Graphical Display
  • Complex programs
  • Logging of results to file (.csv format)
  • Bluetooth, Wireless LAN and USB access
  • Error message displays


The Profile Editor allows the user to quickly generate or edit programs (off-line, if preferred) to control the chamber. Each profile is  made  of  segments  that  hold  the temperature/humidity,  time values and customer event status. Ramp rates may be entered directly or as time-to-temperature. “Hold-back” can also be used, to ensure temperatures are reached before dwelling. An unlimited number of segments may be used, with Deviation alarms settable by segment.
Complex profiles can be quickly programmed using the loop-back facility, including nested loops. A large range of profiles can be stored on the Chamber Programmer. At the end of the program an “End” function can be used to dwell at a fixed temperature or to stop the chamber.
When   running   a   profile   on   the   Touch Screen Programmer the total time remaining is displayed, a Hold function allows manual intervention and a Start At function allows the profile to be started mid run. The graph displays the complete profile and the recorded temperature/humidity so far.


Graphs and Logging

The Touch Screen Programmer has a comprehensive graphing facility for set and recorded actual readings including auto-scaling, zoom in/out, expand area and a cursor to check specific values on the graph.  There  is  also  a  visual  display of  event statuses at the cursor position (i.e. Hum On/Off, Customer   Event   On/Off).   The   graphs   may   be displayed in Full Screen mode. The data (including deviation alarm status) for both profiles and normal running can be logged to a .csv file (at adjustable intervals) and retrieved for viewing
either on the Touch Screen Programmer or in external software such as MS Excel. Inputs from up to 5 floating probes (optional) may be displayed and logged.


The   Touch Screen Programmer has a full range of communications including Wired and Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, and a USB port. These can be used to transfer Profile and Log files to and from the programmer. The USB port also enables a USB keyboard to be connected to the programmer allowing complex profiles to be quickly created directly on