Rent for Test

Reliable rental equipment at very competitive prices

Testing has never been this easy!

We offer an expanding range of chamber rental for short or long term hire. This service provides a cost-effective solution to the problem of temporary overload, urgent capacity needs, short-term production requirements or equipment breakdown.

Rental equipment can be installed at your premises or product can be shipped to us for testing.

Internal Rental

We  maintain a range of chambers for you and your staff to rent at our premises. This may be, for example, for small batch testing or prior to purchasing a test chamber for your own site. We will provide:

  • Support during testing
  • Training
  • Application Advice

External Rental

We perform the following tasks to ensure your rental is both effective and successful.

  • Application Advice
  • Delivery/Collection
  • Set-Up
  • Training

Rental Prices at Your Site

Rent one of our excellent chambers at your site for maximum convenience. We’ll arrange Delivery & Collection & can help with the initial setup.

Rent Now

Temperature Cycling Chamber

  • Cost per week is £288

Temperature/Humidity Chamber

  • Cost per week is £288

Temperature/Humidity Chamber

  • Cost per week is £312

Temperature/Humidity Chamber

  • Cost per week is 326

Temperature Cycling Chamber

  • Cost per week is 268

Temperature Cycling Chamber

  • Cost per week is £388

Temperature/Humidity Chamber

  • Cost per week is £560

Rental Prices at Our Site

Only need a chamber for a short test? Then rent at our site. We will prepare the chamber prior to your visit.

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